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Battle of Moray

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Well done to the members of team Jan-Shi who took part at the Battle of Moray on Sunday the 21st June 09, Elgin.  Fighter of the day was Hayden Murray with 2 gold medals for semi & light contact fighting and silver for weapons kata.  Stuart King was narrowly beaten in the final of the king of the ring.  It was great to see Christianne having fun on the day.  The day went well, with great performances by team Jan-Shi. Well done to Robyn Lovegrove for her first event outside of Jan-Shi.


Competitors & Results:


Robyn Lovegrove, Bronze

Nathan Dow,   

Hayden Murray, 2x Gold 1x Silver

Stuart King, Bronze

Jordan Lovegrove,

Daniel Dow,

Lea Paterson, Bronze

Christianne Fahey, Gold and Bronze


Well Done Team!