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Dublin Fight Night June 09

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Dublin Fight Night, Maximum Impact, June09


Team Jan-Shi traveled to Dublin national boxing stadium for an international fight night. Alex Bertie and Kevin Smith represented team Jan-Shi.  Alex was headlined for the main event and was fighting for the WKA Super middle weight world title over five rounds.  Kev featured as a supporting bout over three rounds and this was his first international event.


This was Alex’s second international opponent and biggest challenge to date against Irish champion Stephen Murphy.  The first round was a feeling out process for both fighters gauging speed, power and distance.  Alex was never troubled in any of the rounds and never showed any signs of fatigue. Both fighters held their composure well when under pressure.  Stephen used his experience and went on to established a higher work rate and become world champion. 


This was a great opportunity for Alex to gain experience preparing and fighting at the highest level of the sport.  The confidence Alex has gained is invaluable as he now knows what it takes to become a champion.  This event has given Alex the self belief that he can go the distance with the best in the world and still be strong at the end.


Kevs opponent was aggressive from the start forcing Kev on the back foot.  Kev used good movement and timing to pick his opponent off on the outside.  Round two Kev landed a big cross and followed up with a fast combination of punches, the referee jumped in and gave his opponent a standing 8 count. Round 3 saw Kev’s opponent breathing heavy, tired and with a low guard.  Kev tried to force the action and finish the fight, but his opponent managed to stay away.  Kev lost the fight with a controversial decision.


The boys put on a great performance and prepared well for the event.  Kev and Alex were true sportsmen and showed great respect to opponents and were gracious in defeat.  It was great to see support from fellow teammates and friends who also made the trip. 


Better Luck next time!


Well Done Team!