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ot,” said Esther, emphatically. “I am a cur ious mixture. In art, I have discovered in myself two conflicting tastes, and neither is for the modern realism, which I yet admire in literature. I like poetic pictures, impregnated with vague romantic melancholy; and I like the white lucidity of classic statuary. I suppose the one taste is the offspring of temperament, th cheap nike air max e other of thought; for intellectually, I admire the Greek ideas, and was glad to hear you correct Sidney’s perversion of the adjective. I wonder,” she added, reflectively, “if one can worship the gods of the Greeks without believing in them.”

“But you wouldn’t make a cult of beauty?”

“Not if you take beauty in the narrow sense in which I sho nike air max 1 uld fancy your cousin uses the word; but, in a higher and broader sense, is it not the one fine thing in life which is a certainty, the one ideal which is not illusion?”

“Nothing is illusion,” said Raphael, earnestly. “At least, not in your sense. Why should the Creator deceive us?”

“Oh well, don’t let us get into metaphysics. We argue from different platforms,” she said. “Tell me what you really came about in connection with the _Flag_.”

“Mr. Goldsmith was kind enough to sug nike air max 95 gest that you might write for Nike Shoes Online it.”

“What!” exclaimed Esther, sitting upright in her arm-chair. “I? I write for an orthodox paper?”

“Yes, why not?”

“Do you mean I’m to take part in my own conversion?”

“The paper is not entirely religious,” he reminded her.

“No, there are the advertisements.” she said slily.

“Pardon me,” he said. “We don’t insert any advertisements contrary to the principles of orthodoxy. Not that we are much tempted.”

“You advertise soap,” she murmured.

“Oh, please! Don’t you go in for those cheap sarcasms.”

“Forgive me,” she said. “Remember my conceptions of orthodoxy are drawn mainly from the Ghetto, where cleanliness, so far from being next to godliness, is nowhere in the vicinity. But what can I do for you?”

“I don’t know. At present the staff, the _Flag_-staff as Sidney calls it, co nike air max sale nsists of myself and a sub-editor, who take it in turn to translate the only regular outside contributor’s articles into English.”

“Who’s that?”

“Melchitsedek Pinchas, the poet I told you of.”

“I suppose he writes in Hebrew.”

” cheap nike air max No, if he did the translation would be plain sailing enough. The trouble is that he will write in English. I must admit, though, he improves daily. Our correspondents, too, have the same weakness for the vernacular, and I grieve to add that when they do introduce a Hebrew word, they do not invariably spell it correctly.”

She smiled; her smile was never so fascinating as by firelight.

Raphael rose and paced the room nervously, flinging out his arms in uncouth fashion to emphasize his speech.

“I was thinking you might introduce a secular department of some sort which would brighten up the nike air max paper. My articles are so plaguy dull.”

“Not so dull, for religious articles,” she assured him.

“Could you treat Jewish matters from a social standpoint–gossipy sort of thing.”

She shook her head. “I’m afraid to trust myself to write on Jewish subjects. I should be sure to tread on somebody’s corns.”

“Oh, I have it!” he cried, bringing his arms in contact with a small Venetian vase which Esther, with great presence of mind, just managed to catch ere it reached the ground.

“No, I have it,” she said, laughing. “Do sit down, else nobody can answer for the consequences.”

She half pushed him into his chair, where he fell to warming his hands contemplatively.

“Well?” she said after a pause. “I thought you had an idea.”

“Yes, yes,” he said, rousing himself. “The subject we were just discussing–Art.”

“But there Cheap Nike Shoes is nothing Jewish about art.”

“All noble work has its religious aspects. Then there are Jewish artists.”

“Oh yes! your contemporaries do notice their exhibits, and there seem to be more of them than the world ever hears of. But if I went to a gathering for you how should I know which were Jews?”

“By their names, of course.”

“By no means of course. Some artistic Jews have forgotten their own names.”

“That’s a dig at Sidney.”

“Really, I wasn’t thinking of him for the nike air max 90 moment,” she said a little sharply. “However, in any case there’s nothing worth doing till May, and that’s some months ahead. I’ll do the Academy for you if you like.”

“Thank you. Won’t Sidney stare if you pulverize him in _The Flag of Judah_? Some of the pictures have also Jewish subjects, you know.”

“Yes, but if I mistake not, they’re invariab Nike Shoes ly done by Christian artists.”

“Nearly a nike air max 90 sale lways,” he admitted pensively. “I wish we had a Jewish allegorical painter to express the high conceptions of our sages.”

“As he would probably not know what they are,”–she murmured. Then, seeing him rise as if to go, she said: “Won’t you have a cup of tea?”

“No, don’t trouble,” he answered.

“Oh yes, do!” she pleaded. “Or else I shall think you’re angry with me for not asking you before.” And she rang the bell. She discovered, to her amusement, that Raphael took two pieces of sugar per cup, but that if they were not inserted, he did not notice their absence. Over tea, too, Raphael had a new idea, this time fraught with peril to the Sevres tea-pot.

“Why couldn’t you write us a Jewish serial story?” he said suddenly. “That would be a novelty in communal journalism.”

Esther nike air max classic cheap nike air max trainers looked startled by the proposition.

“How do you know I could?” she said after a silence.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “Only I fancy you could. Why not?” he said encouragingly. “You don’t know what you can do till you try. Besides you write poetry.”

“The Jewish public doesn’t like the looking-glass,” she answered him, shaking her head.

“Oh, you can’t say that. They’ve only objected as yet to the distorting mirror. You’re thinking of the row over that man Armitage’s book. Now, why not write an antidote to that book? There now, there’s an idea for you.”

“It _is_ an idea!” said Esther with overt sarcasm. “You think art can be degraded into an antidote.”

“Art is not a fetish,” he urged. “What

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