To Develope a Environment-friendly Machinery Industry

Only based on China’s basic national conditions and the current situation of mechanical industries, mining machinery industry can achieve the goal of sustainable growth; therefore, it is necessary to establish a resource-saving and environment-friendly machinery industry structure. Resource-saving and environment-friendly in mechanical industrial production refers to obtain the unit of output by fewer resources and lower negative externalities on the environment.
Accordingly, a resource-conserving and environment-friendly machinery industry structure refers to that, resource-saving and environment-friendly industry or product should occupy a larger proportion in machinery industry and product structure as well as in mechanical industrial production methods and production process. There are three ways to establish such a machinery industry.
It is necessary to rationalize the pricing mechanism and reverse the low-price-situation of resource products. Although a low price can reduce the production costs of downstream enterprises and enhance the competitiveness of export commodities, too low price will cause the excess demand for minerals which is not conducive to the sustained and healthy development of economy. Therefore, we must grasp the opportunity to reform pricing mechanism of mineral prices, make full use of market mechanisms to allocate mineral resources, and reflects the social costs of resource using on price.
Further improve the laws and strengthen the management of mineral resources. Adhere to market-oriented, focusing on regulatory problems in operation process, amending regulations around the three aspects of mining right market, mineral resources tax and fee system, supervision and management of mineral resources.
Over the years, the machinery industry in China mainly participates in the second level of competition in the international market with the advantage of huge manufacturing capabilities and low labor costs to win the market position in international competition. Therefore, only forming a stronger advantage in the first level and the second level can we enhance our international competitiveness China’s machinery industry as a whole.

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