Security system for the overhaul of rotary kiln

Security system for the overhaul of rotary kiln

Submissions from the industry, which also includes Lion and Independent Liquor as large makers and distributors of RTDs, have so far managed to up the bill’s proposed maximum level of alcohol allowed from 5% ABV (alcohol by volume) to 6%. Higher strength drinks would still be permitted in bars and restaurants. But the ban on selling the higher alcoholic strength drinks or in amounts more than 1.5 standard drinks through liquor stores remains.
Clearly, something had to be done about that last item, if the liquor industry was still going to be able to profitably target young women. The lobby machine really swung into action:
Top-level lobbying last week saw the heads of four multinational spirits companies – Bacardi, Beam, Brown-Forman and Diageo – meet Justice Minister Judith Collins, who is responsible for the Alcohol Reform Bill.
(1) rigger strictly enforce the rules, we should always check fasteners, cable, wire rope hoist, jacks, cranes and other lifting equipment, keep someone monitoring the kiln equipment of large object lifting .
(2) electrical welder when the job should strictly abide by the Electric Welding safety procedures, prevent splash of firelight wounding or cause a fire.
(3) Oxygen bottles and acetylene bottles should be kept a safe distance; it is strictly prohibited throw cigarette butts, cotton yarn and other flammable items to the bucket with gasoline to prevent fires.
(4) Strictly adhere to stop transmission and sending provisions; non-chaotic aggregate knife. Any Rotary kiln equipment overhaul must first cut the power supply, timely suspend warning signs.
(5) If rotary kiln make construction in night, it must have adequate lighting; in heavy rain and strong wind day, keep non-operating in the outdoor and aerial work.
(6)The maintenance unit should determine the person responsible for the safety, put an end the idlers to enter the rotary kiln equipment maintenance site.

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