DIY Design: England casual Version shirts

Although England is recognized as the birthplace of modern football, and the originator of lackluster results is the symbol of the highest honor ,but it only have once controversial champion recorded. and repeatedly absent from the World Cup finals, England Pride and Prejudice is world-famous, but because of the inherent xenophobia of the island culture, holding quite resentful mood in the England team was first established in the World Cup, the England team was not completely useless in the World Cup, on the contrary, many of the classic World Cup the campaign is a masterpiece of England.

Like many fans,I’m a loyal follower of England, and I also designed two casual T-shirt. The home is elegant white theme, pink and light blue woven into the grid, similar style and Manchester United’s new season gingham checkered pattern. Collar retro rope collar, dignified atmosphere. Away shirts is white and blue plaid shirt, the same style as home shirts. Both jersey was chosen as the official jersey of England, and that in turn is a sign of the history of Manchester United.

Why is the new England jersey is all white?

England often wear all white jersey , but due to the opponent “passive” selected as the all-white, this is the first official definition of all-white, I really like the 1966 all-white jersey, I like it unfolded confidence. New jersey, team logo on the white shorts , socks is nothing, we want all the attention was focused on the England team logo in the upper body, when the players stand tall, he looked quite confident!

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